Our Vision, Priorities and What We Do

Our Vision

We are working towards a future where our health and care system is sustainable, recognised for excellence and meets the needs of our evolving society. We envisage a world where individuals play a role in shaping their own care alongside policy makers and practitioners.

We want to create a society that is fit for the future, building on the successes of William Beveridge’s vision for a society that is “fit for heroes”.


Our Priorities

FCC is a charity dedicated to improving health and social care.

We are focused on the building blocks of a fit for the future health and care system: data, technology, climate, innovation and sustainability.


What we do

We shape the future of health and care, driving innovation and improvement through leading edge research and policy insights and by bringing together policy makers and practitioners.

  • We shape thinking on health and care through our research, analysis, policy insights and projects
  • We connect policymakers and practitioners through our events and projects
  • We support new approaches to care through our partnerships and commercial projects
  • We invest in innovative enterprises which address major healthcare needs.