Peter Bloomfield

A new report is urging the government and care sector to invest and advance technology for the care sector and makes a range of recommendations to facilitate growth in solution provision and higher quality outcomes.

Dr Peter Bloomfield joined FCC in June 2020 as Head of Policy and Research. Previously he worked at Digital Catapult with startups through acceleration programmes to provide them with the resources and expertise to scale their technical and commercial capabilities. He has advised the UK and foreign governments on AI policy, strategy and ecosystem development. He has worked on digital infrastructure and the convergence of different technologies for industry adoption. Peter has developed projects in conservation and renewable energy, utilising data technology to combat illegal wildlife trade and work to make wind farms more efficient. Previously, Peter was a neuroscientist and was awarded his PhD from Imperial College London in 2016. His research has covered a range of topics including: how cells integrate to circuits when learning new skills, brain changes associated with the onset of schizophrenia and novel ways to treat multiple sclerosis. He has worked as a scientific advisor on projects developing human-computer interfaces for neurological symptom tracking and gaming environments. He is passionate about application of technology for research, care provision and improving human life and the environment.

Why I work for FCC:

“I believe technology is an incredibly useful tool for improving people’s lives. Whether this is in a healthcare setting through medical devices, researching mechanisms to treat diseases, environmental improvement or in recreational activities such as gaming, technology can provide a huge benefit. I want to work with FCC to apply these advantages for health and social care.”

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