The NHS at 70

5th July 2018 about a 2 minute read

Today marks the 70th birthday of the NHS, launched on the 5th July 1948 by Aneurin Bevan, the Minister for Health in the post-World War Two Attlee government. Future Care Capital is delighted to join celebrations taking place across the country to mark this landmark year for the NHS.

The NHS is recognised across the world as one of the greatest social initiatives to be established out of the ashes of World War Two. Throughout its history, the NHS has navigated a series of reforms and public health challenges, it hasn’t always got things right, but it remains an institution we trust. It has transformed the health, care and wellbeing of the nation, and for all the challenges it has faced, the establishment of the NHS is considered by the public as one of the key moments in history Britain is proudest of.[1]

The NHS has evolved over the years through innovative breakthroughs. It has been at the forefront of tackling cancer treatment, developed pioneering new surgical techniques and ward-based care.

As we reflect on the last 70 years, pressing health and care challenges face the NHS now and in the future. Our ageing population, the number of older patients with comorbidities, is increasingly becoming the most pressing challenge facing the NHS today. Growing demand and winter pressure push the NHS to its limits.

Responding to these challenges on the frontline are committed NHS workers – doctors, nurses and hospital porters – who keep the health service working 365 days a year. We should also remember the many charities, volunteers and communities that support the NHS too.

Beveridge set out the principles for a unique and socially progressive welfare system. His plans became a reality at a time when the whole nation was focused on rebuilding the country. Modern Britain is in a radically different position and healthcare has become ever more complex to administer. It should embrace new technology by embracing the role of artificial intelligence and robotics as mainstream medical tools.

Now, more than ever before, the NHS must use the lessons it has learnt throughout its 70-year history to embrace the new opportunities presented by the decades that lie ahead.


“As a former NHS director, I have witnessed the dedication of frontline professionals, providing care 24 hours a day, all year round. NHS workers continue to deliver high standards of care across the country in the face of increasing demand. The 70th birthday is an opportunity to celebrate their commitment. “From cradle to grave, the NHS is a constant in our lives, providing carefree at the point of demand. No matter what challenges it faces, the NHS always responds to the needs of patients. Happy 70th birthday.” Greg Allen, Chief Executive of FCC

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