House of Commons Public Accounts Committee

Challenges in using data across Government inquiry (15th July 2019)

Future Care Capital (FCC) has submitted written evidence to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee inquiry into the challenges of using data across Government.

FCC’s submission focuses upon the National Audit Office’s recent report and endorses the view that:

  • data controlled and/or generated with government should be treated as a strategic asset and protected, enhanced and deployed accordingly;
  • data, insights, and tools controlled and/or generated by publicly funded and accountable bodies should be subject to a balance sheet review and feature on the National Balance Sheet and/or in the Whole of Government Accounts;
  • government has done too little to incentivise ‘data quality by design’ but must, also, increase investment with a view to enhancing data assets of national significance if the UK is to remain competitive from a global perspective;
  • there has been a lack of leadership but, also, cross-government coordination with a view to harnessing the value of data assets generated by or with publicly accountable bodies.

FCC’s work to enable key stakeholders to better harness the value of health and care data has involved extensive research, policy development and advocacy activity – related publications include: Intelligent Sharing, Facilitating Care Insight our parliamentary briefing for the House of Lords as well as our recent Discussion Paper about Taking Practical Next Steps.

Download our full submission here.

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