Who we are and what we do

FCC is an ambitious, visionary organisation focused on facilitating and leading the beneficial transformation of health and care provision.

Specifically, we are addressing the question: ‘What should a fit-for-purpose health and care system look like and how do we get there?’

Implicit in the framing of our mission is the presumption that the existing systems are not fit for purpose. However, unlike many think-tanks, policymakers and other interested parties, our focus is explicitly on the experience of our beneficiaries – those in receipt of care, which will likely be all of us at various points throughout our lives.

In other words, we are focused on understanding the demand side of health and care and developing ways of translating this into a self-evolving system capable of meeting current and future expectations effectively and efficiently.

We do this by asking the big, fundamental questions in order to paint a picture of how health and care could (and should) be experienced in the future, then mapping it against current experiences to plot a course for change: what is the purpose of a health and care system? What do we expect a health and care system to be and do for us? What are the roles and responsibilities of individuals vs. the state vs. others? Who should pay for what, and how? Do the current systems meet expectations?

We collaborate not only with policymakers, practitioners, think-tanks, and other charities, but also with innovators, investors, private providers, and, of course, our beneficiaries themselves in order to design solutions that test our hypotheses and answer the questions we pose.

We strive to tackle problems from first principles, adopting evidence-based solutions to deliver desired outcomes instead of being rooted in dogma and received wisdom.

We are a commercially aware organisation, looking for opportunities to further the charity’s interests by monetising our impact work in order to remain independent. This includes investing our profit and capital in activities that directly benefit our beneficiaries. This is best exemplified by the planned establishment of an Innovation Fund. The fund will invest our own and third-party capital in exciting commercial ventures for both societal impact, within the scope of our charitable objects, and a commercial return. We made our inaugural investment in 2018 and are in the process of partnering with an established fund manager to bring our vision to life.

Of particular focus at present is addressing the considerable unmet needs of people with mental health issues. Via our Mental Health Exemplar project we have established powerful stakeholder networks, evaluated over 300 digital mental health solutions and are supporting the development of better and accelerated access to evidenced tools to address the substantial gaps in care.

Andrew Whelan
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Future Care Capital

You can download this easily shareable one-page document that explains who we are, what we do and how we do it.

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Charitable Objects

To promote education, training quality and standards in care, health and education (and allied disciplines).


All those in receipt of care, i.e. all of us at various points throughout our lives.


A functioning, fit-for-purpose health and care system.


To address the question of what a functioning, fit-for-purpose health and care system should look like and how we get there.


Facilitating lasting beneficial change by building a movement through collaboration, influence, thought leadership, and constructive debate. We will do this by bringing together all constituents in pursuit of our Mission and Vision.


From the perspective of our Beneficiaries - human, emotive, plain-language, story-telling, and through lived experience.