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Future Care Capital is committed to engaging, educating and involving all generations in the development and delivery of unified health and care provision.

How does crowd sourcing lead to change?

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Our health and care data report calls for the establishment of data-driven business clusters for new health and care enterprises backed by Government. These clusters should also offer skills training to help prepare the future workforce for the increase in demand for data-related job opportunities. Read more about our recommendations here: https://futurecarecapital.org.uk/policy/intelligent-sharing-unleashing-the-potential-of-health-and-care-data-in-the-uk-to-transform-outcomes/

Better use of health and care data can deliver better outcomes. Read our report #digitalhealth #SundayMorning. https://t.co/15jzNi87k5 https://t.co/GB9UCHy1yk

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Press Release

Unleashing the potential of data to transform health and care - 12th Jul 2017

Press release 12th July 2017 Unleashing the potential of data to transform health and care Future Care Capital…

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Unleashing the potential of health and care data - 12th Jul 2017

Future Care Capital seeks a step-change in health and care and believes that a concerted effort to unleash…

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Building a health and care data advantage - 17th Jul 2017

Annemarie Naylor MBE, Director of Policy and Consulting, Future Care Capital As Director of Policy for Future Care…

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