Future Care Capital is a charity, helping to shape the future of health and social care. We are an ambitious and visionary organisation, focused on facilitating and leading the beneficial transformation of health and care provision.

Specifically, we are addressing the question: ‘What should a fit-for-purpose health and care system look like and how do we get there?’


Maintain an evolving, informed view of FCC’s Vision and current State of the Nation.


Articulate and publicise, in our Voice, our Outlook in order to lead and align relevant constituents in progressing our Mission.


Identify and address key fundamental questions, which inform our Vision and view of the current State of the Nation.


Develop revenue-generating opportunities to monetise the value of our Impact work.


Reinvest profit and capital to further our Mission, Vision and Charitable Objectives.

Charitable Objects

To promote education, training quality and standards in care, health and education (and allied disciplines).


All those in receipt of care, i.e. all of us at various points throughout our lives.


A functioning, fit-for-purpose health and care system.


To address the question of what a functioning, fit-for-purpose health and care system should look like and how we get there.


Facilitating lasting beneficial change by building a movement through collaboration, influence, thought leadership, and constructive debate. We will do this by bringing together all constituents in pursuit of our Mission and Vision.


From the perspective of our Beneficiaries - human, emotive, plain-language, story-telling, and through lived experience.

We have worked with numerous organisations including charities, tech developers and hospital trusts on a variety of different projects.

We are always open to working with new collaborators and exploring further with potential partners on original research, innovative projects and much more.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities, please get in touch with the team on research@futurecarecapital.org.uk.