11 October 2022 – The King’s Fund: Digital Health and Care Congress

Past Event

11th October 2022, 09.30-17.00

Digital technologies are transforming the way in which health and care is delivered. They have played a crucial role in enabling the delivery of services during the pandemic and are set to continue to play a pivotal role in the design, delivery and innovation of health and care going forward.

This event will take a deep dive into the practical implementation of digital solutions in health and care. It will explore how data insights and technology are being used to improve care, access and user experience against the backdrop of the impact of Covid-19. Sessions will also provide an opportunity to assess how a range of digital tools from simple to complex can be used to innovate service design, support integration, improve population health management, reduce health inequalities, and ultimately improve standards for staff, patients and communities.

Dr. Peter Bloomfield will be featured on a panel of speakers to discuss using technology to combat the challenges facing social care. In this session, you will learn about how to use technology to innovate service delivery, freeing up staff time to provide care, and how digital solutions are being used to join up care delivery, helping hospitals and care to manage discharge and transitions. The implementation of digital technologies in social care can not only improve the delivery of care, but also the wellbeing of staff and people who draw on social care services.

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