26 February 2020 – Making NHS data work for everyone: The Guardian and Reform

Past Event

Past event: 26th February 2020

Data has replaced oil as the world’s most valuable resource and has become the new currency of the digital economy. The UK’s NHS has been described as holding a treasure trove of data, worth up to £9.6bn.

From early diagnosis to personalised treatment, data can improve patient care dramatically – and can also be used by private firms and NHS partners to help develop vital new healthcare technology.

Annemarie Naylor, our Director of Policy & Strategy, was one of a range of panelists who brought their expertise to a lively discussion, which included questions like:

  • What are the best ways to ensure NHS data is used for maximum benefit to all?
  • What would be the pros and cons of the various types of commercial models seeking to harness the value of data held by NHS data?
  • How should the Centre of Expertise at NHSX, whose mission it is to ensure that the value of NHS data is apportioned fairly, should function?

Other attendees included:

This event was held in collaboration with The Guardian and Reform.