20 July 2021 – Mental Health Care: Tech and Transformation

Past Event

4-5pm, Tuesday July 20th 2021.

Future Care Capital is exploring the technology being developed for mental health care.

In the UK there is a rapidly developing mental health technology sector, with a range of different applications and technology types.  At times it is difficult to determine which technologies are generic well-being applications and which are health and care specific.  Marketplaces such as the NHS app store have made technology more accessible than ever.  Following COVID-19, a major co-ordination of mental health care and support will be needed, for patients and practitioners.

In early July 2021 Future Care Capital published The Mental Health Tech Landscape Review, the second installment in a series of technology reviews.  This vital research will clearly define the different types of technology enabling mental health care provision, map the sector’s developers and technology providers, and explore the associated functional applications.

Our Mental Health Care: Tech and Transformation webinar covered the key findings of this research, showcase some of the innovative technologies being developed, and provide an opportunity to learn from a range of tech providers developing solutions for improved mental health care and outcomes.

What will you discover at the webinar?

At the Mental Health Care Technology: Technology and Transformation webinar, we presented the findings from our latest research report The Mental Health Care Tech Landscape Review, and our panel of leading experts will discuss the technology being developed within the sector and the report’s recommendations.

The panel will then move into a wide-ranging discussion covering:

  • What is the tech stack for mental health care?
  • Which technologies are being deployed for different functions?
  • How do applications differ for specific groups, for example workforce vs population; younger people vs older; BAME; LGBTQ+?
  • How do the solutions provided relate to the recovery from COVID-19? Crucially, are there enough options for the scale of the problem?
  • What opportunities are there for developers and innovators in the sector?
  • An introduction to the leaders who are accelerating improvements in this area

Headline Sponsor:

This event is sponsored by WeMa, the operating brand of Lavanya Plus Ltd.


  • Peter Bloomfield, Head of Policy and Research, Future Care Capital
  • Cristina Ruiz, Consultant and Research Lead, Newmarket Strategy
  • Vivek Patni, CEO, Lavanya Plus
  • Silja Litvin, CEO, eQuoo
  • Dan Willis, Co-Founder, Well Good
This event is sponsored by WeMa, the operating brand of Lavanya Plus Ltd.