6 December 2023 – Westminster Health Forum: Next steps for improving mental health services and prevention in England

Come and listen to us speak at this event on the future of mental health services and prevention

Past Event

6th December 2023, Morning

This conference focuses on the future of mental health services and prevention in England.

It will be an opportunity to discuss priorities as the previously announced 10-year Mental health and wellbeing plan is replaced with the inclusion of mental health within the recently published Major Conditions Strategy.

Delegates will discuss the strategic focus placed on addressing mental health through the lens of physical health and managing multiple health conditions, as well as the latest thinking on developing effective approaches for improving mental health patient outcomes.

Further discussion will consider:

  • priorities for improving mental health services following the NAO’s progress report published earlier this year, including issues such as waiting times and barriers to care and treatment
  • the role of integrated care systems in improving mental health services and prevention programmes in local areas
  • options for the promotion of wellbeing in children and young people
  • opportunities for prevention programmes, personalised care and next steps for tackling health inequalities
  • the development of apps and digital health tools to support mental health patients

Overall, the agenda will bring out the latest thinking on priorities for:

  • Policy: strategic direction – investment – enabling preventative approaches – improving service delivery
  • Services: addressing barriers to care and treatment – improving accessibility – recovering waiting times – developing innovative support
  • National variation: strategies and best practice – improving patient flow – developing effective pathways
  • Workforce: supporting growth to meet future demand – retention and recruitment – the role of third sector partners – next steps for training and development
  • Prevention: the role of the Major Conditions Strategy – tackling inequalities – developing personalised approaches – interventions for children and young people
  • Health apps: access to therapy – regulation – developing innovative wellbeing support
  • Integrated care systems: priorities for commissioning – the role of ICSs in improving local services and pathways – developing effective population health approaches and prevention programmes

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