A cure for Dementia must remain a priority

21st May 2018 about a 2 minute read

Future Care Capital is joining organisations across the country to raise awareness about Dementia, highlight barriers that people with the condition face and support urgent calls to find a cure.

Statistics about Dementia are shocking. The Alzheimer’s Society say that, on average, one person in the UK develops dementia every three minutes. Alzheimer’s Research UK say that 850,000 people are estimated to be living with Dementia across the UK, with the number set to rise as our population continues to age. They also say that one quarter of hospital beds are occupied by people living with Dementia who are over 65.

Action to address Dementia needs to be at the forefront of public health planning as people enter later life. It is important that older people who may be developing symptoms associated with Dementia are not left unsupported or excluded from the rest of society. The impact of the condition is devastating – all efforts must be focused on tackling Dementia.
That is why the ask for everyone this Dementia Action Week is to take actions both big and small to help improve the lives of everyone affected. We must join forces and create a dementia-friendly country where people are included and supported to live their lives in the way they want to. It is vital they feel recognised, valued and supported – just like everyone else.

‘Dementia’ is often caused when the brain is damaged by disease or stroke. Changes in an individual can sometimes be small to begin with, but for that person they can be severe enough to affect aspects of their daily life. Dementia can happen to anyone, at any time and there is currently no cure.

By raising awareness, it not only allows many more people to find out about the condition, but it is hoped that more people will be diagnosed earlier, allowing them more time to come to terms with the symptoms. Knowing just a little bit more about what to expect can make a huge difference not only to the individual affected, but also their friends, family and carers.