Delayed access to services should trigger frank debate about future health and care provision

19th October 2017 about a 2 minute read

Key hospital performance targets across the United Kingdom have been missed over the last 18 months, and a growing number of patients face difficulties in accessing primary care. Future Care Capital is calling for a frank debate about how to deliver health and care services that are fit for the future in the face of increased demand.

BBC analysis of NHS data shows that four-hour accident and emergency waiting times, cancer care treatment within 62 days and planned operations and treatment have not been met “en masse”. This follows last week’s Care Quality Commission report which said that current provision is at “full stretch” with a “precarious” future.

According to the BBC, England has seen the longest delays, missing every monthly target last year. Only Scotland has met any of its targets, reaching its accident and emergency target three times within the past 12 months. There is also substantial variation across regions and hospital trusts, and in the last year, 12 out of 135 English hospital trusts failed to meet any of these targets.

Meanwhile, a new report from the Institute for Government published today points toward an NHS which is also struggling to keep pace with the demand pressures placed upon primary care providers – saying: “In this challenging context, clinical standards and patient satisfaction are being maintained, but queues for services are growing”.