Launch of Future Care Capital

22nd February 2017 about a 3 minute read

Future Care Capital (FCC), originally founded in 1945, with a long history in health and care education, has officially re-launched today with a clear aim to deliver new thinking on health and care. FCC will be an independent voice developing research and policy ideas on how health and care services can be delivered in the future, according to a 2030 vision.

FCC was officially re-launched in the House of Commons by the Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP, Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills. Andrew Whelan, Chairman of the Board of FCC Trustees and Dean James, Chief Executive of the charity also spoke at the event.

Mr Garnet Love’s story

During the launch, there was also a thought-provoking speech by Mr Garnet Love. Mr Love, now 69 years old, was the main carer to his father and mother for eight years. His father suffered four strokes over several years and sadly passed away in 2016. His mother is 92 and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. Mr Love is now the sole carer to his mother. The family have lived in the village of Thurmaston, Leicestershire, for over 60 years.

Mr Love was a trained engineer who worked for a local design office. Once he took on the care responsibilities, Mr Love left his job and went self-employed, building extensions, installing plumbing for neighbours and a range of one-off engineering projects. Mr Love had to juggle the care needs of his mother and father, sometimes taking them to medical appointments twice a day, and run his business. This soon became unsustainable and he closed his business to concentrate on caring full-time.

As a carer, Mr Love has seen first-hand some of the key challenges in the care system. Bed blocking at weekends when his father was ready to be discharged from hospital, lack of physiotherapy at home to help the rehabilitation of his parents after treatment and a lack of carer respite support.

Mr Love’s story highlights the need for fresh new thinking to deliver health and care provision across the country.

FCC 2030 vision for health and care

The charity unveiled its 2030 vision which sets out ideas for the future of health and care services in 2030. FCC is committed to a unified health and care system that cares for everyone and will produce evidence-based research that advances current thinking in these policy areas. The charity’s vision is underpinned by the concept of a care covenant, a new agreement between the state and public, which spells out a commitment to support the health and care needs of everyone throughout their life for consideration by government.

FCC also launched its new website which includes a Crowdsourcing platform where new ideas for health and care services will be open to greater consultation with the public – FCC want everyone’s voice to be heard in designing the future of such important services.

The charity’s work will primarily focus on evidence-based advocacy, but it will also launch a social impact investment Innovation Fund later this year. FCC will invest in sustainable social enterprises through the Innovation Fund, which support better quality and standards of services in care, health and related education and training.

“I wish Future Care Capital all the best with the launch of their organisation. It’s great to see a charity committed to such an important cause, dedicated to innovative thinking, and whose work will make a positive impact across the country.” The Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP
“Future Care Capital will set out new and positive ideas for England’s health and care services. We understand that action needs to be taken now to support new ways of working. A unified health and care system is a priority now. “We will also act as a seed funder through an Innovation Fund that will launch later this year. By supporting early-stage ventures, with the potential for positive impact, to grow in the health and care sector. Focused social investment can work across traditional boundaries to deliver improved health and care outcomes for broad-ranging beneficiaries.” Andrew Whelan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Future Care Capital
“I am delighted to launch Future Care Capital. A charity committed to new approaches in how health and care services might be best delivered. The current pressures faced underline the importance of new ideas to help improve health and care for everyone. We have a bold vision for 2030 and what it might look like across communities across the country. Today we are also launching a Crowdsourcing platform. We want to engage widely with the public so they can be part of the journey in innovation and design of the services that meet everyone’s health and care needs." Dean James, Chief Executive of Future Care Capital
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