NCIMI Voices Podcast

15th June 2020 about a 1 minute read

Expert insights on the future of AI and healthcare.

Welcome to a new series by NCIMI – the National Consortium for Intelligent Medical Imaging, hosted by Claire Bloomfield, CEO of NCIMI.

Using healthcare data to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients with a huge range of medical conditions is right at the heart of NCIMI’s mission. But what are the ethical and legal implications of using anonymous patient data to develop medical technology?

NCIMI has been working closely with Future Care Capital (FCC) and Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP to undertake an analysis of the legal provisions and issues impacting research and commercial usage of healthcare data.

On this episode of NCIMI Voices, Claire talks to Annemarie Naylor, Director of Policy and Strategy at FCC, who was instrumental in developing the report – Research and Commercial Use of Healthcare Data: a review of the legal issues surrounding the potential ownership and exploitation of health data.

And to bring a patient perspective, we have Neil McClements who is CEO of the charity Haemochromatosis UK.

Together, they discuss the opportunities and challenges of working with patient data for the purposes of discovery.

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