Survey will map use of AI in healthcare

NHS AI survey seeks data on innovation to shape future care

18th January 2021 about a 2 minute read
“The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted ways in which digital and AI solutions can support the NHS and care workforce to deliver care at times of increased pressure.” Dr Indra Joshi, Director of AI at NHSX

The 2021 AI in health and care survey is now live and seeking views from digital health innovators, developers and those procuring and implementing AI-driven technologies for health and care.

Individuals and organisations working across health, social care and the life sciences are being asked to share their views on AI development and feedback on the work of the NHS AI Lab.

The survey, from the NHS AI Lab (NHSX) and supported by the AHSN Network, will help identify core developments within AI. It also aims to gather information on the settings for which AI-driven technologies are being developed.

Data will also be used to promote understanding of the importance of education, medical classification, ethics and wider system support for the deployment of these technologies.

Dr Indra Joshi, Director of AI at NHSX, says findings will inform the future work of the NHS AI Lab. She urged both innovators and commissioners of AI-driven technologies to take part.

“AI-driven technologies are delivering on their potential to improve outcomes for patients and free up staff time for care, and their uptake is likely to accelerate in the years ahead.

“The NHS AI Lab is committed to accelerating the safe, ethical and effective adoption of AI in health and social care. This survey enables commissioners and innovators to help inform the Lab’s work so the UK continues to be a leading place to develop and test AI-driven technologies at scale for use in health and care.”

The survey builds on findings from the 2018 survey, which looked to understand what AI-driven technologies were being developed, and the 2019 survey, which investigated where AI tools are being developed and what problems they are solving, as well as collecting information on the data and regulatory landscape.

Both previous AI surveys resulted in new resources and guidance being created for the AI community, including:

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