Technology will speed up move from acute to community healthcare says global survey

Patient-centred healthcare enabled by smart technology is the future post-pandemic, say world health leaders

13th May 2021 about a 2 minute read
"My top priorities are innovation, computer-assisted medicine, and safe procedures where a machine takes over the skills of the doctor. Much better diagnostics [will be possible] with AI." CEO Ambulatory Care Centre, Germany

A global survey has revealed that 74% of healthcare leaders see AI as a crucial area for future investment, while 64% are investing in telehealth today.

What’s thought to be the largest survey of its kind analysed responses from almost 3000 healthcare leaders in 14 countries.

The Philips’ Future Health Index 2021 report explores the challenges the leaders have faced since the onset of the pandemic, and where their current and future priorities lie.

The report, entitled ‘A Resilient Future: Healthcare leaders look beyond the crisis’, highlights a focus on patient-centred healthcare enabled by smart technology.

Respondents also reported that their vision is shaped by a fresh emphasis on partnerships, sustainability and new models of care delivery, both inside and outside hospitals.

The health leaders taking part reported a three step approach to digital transformation: first, build a lasting digital health legacy; secondly invest in artificial intelligence and thirdly drive change with strategic partnerships

The healthcare leaders anticipate that, three years from now, almost a quarter of routine care delivery will take place outside of the walls of a hospital or healthcare facility (from a figure of 20% today.)

As the adoption of technology increases, so too does the expected percentage of care delivered outside of hospital walls three years from now and the report notes that ‘smart hospitals’ where connected care technologies are used, will lead the way.

A full copy of the report is available here 



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