Warwick pioneers research into new possibilities for 5G 

New 5G partnership opens door to researching potential health applications 

5th November 2020 about a 2 minute read

The University of Warwick, Warwick County Council and telecoms company BT have formed an Innovation Alliance to launch the UK’s first dedicated public 5G network.

The scheme covers the university’s 720-acre campus and its 30,000 strong learning community as well as the wider region.

It is hoped the innovation will support the area’s economic development and post-COVID recovery.


The project involves co-development in connected vehicles, telemedicine and the ‘Silicon Spa’ gaming industry in nearby Leamington Spa.

The School of Engineering will explore the use of 5G to help people monitor their health during daily activities. 

And the university’s Institute of Digital Health and Warwick Medical School will also be looking at how 5G could benefit the healthcare sector. 

Connected Autonomous Mobility

Meanwhile a Connected Autonomous Mobility (CAM) demonstration using 5G will explore Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication with two connected autonomous pods exchanging live data feeds. 

This includes LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data and live video alerts of road obstacles to promote road safety. 

The installation of ultrafast 5G coverage is the first phase of the project. Later in November a series of steamed events is planned to promote fresh thinking around the use of 5G. 

The events will focus on 5G possibilities in a number of areas including health and wellbeing.

Supporting new research

David Plumb, the University of Warwick’s Chief Innovation Officer, said: “Our public 5G connected campus will support new areas of research, enable new teaching technologies and help us to support even more regional businesses.

“It will also add to students’ campus experience, be it in teaching, e-sports or simply through an enhanced performance on mobile devices.”

More details of the project are available here