Women in Technology and Innovation

26th July 2021 about a 2 minute read

Why do so few women reach the top of the tree in businesses and organisations linked to healthcare technology and innovation?

Why, when the majority of frontline staff in both the NHS and in social care are female, are businesses operating in this space largely male dominated?

Get some personal insights from an all-women panel of successful health and care tech entrepreneurs, led by Dr. Josefine Magnusson, Senior Research Officer, Future Care Capital, at our upcoming event Women in technology and innovation.

This event follows on from FCC’s spring 2021 report “Enterprise in Health” which, from a sample of health enterprises linked to clinicians and academics, showed that only a fifth of companies were linked to a female “person with significant control.”

This and other issues will be examined by the panellists:

  • Lise Pape, international business leader, founder and CEO of Walk With Path – an organisation which designs and manufactures assistive technology for people with mobility problems. Lise holds a double Masters in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, and a BSc in Human Biology from King’s College, London.
  • Marianna Obrist, Professor of Multisensory Interfaces & Deputy Director (Digital Health), UCL Institute of Health Care Engineering. She is also co-founder of OWidgets LTD, a University spin-out that is enabling the design of novel olfactory experiences.

Questions will include:

  • What are the challenges of being a female entrepreneur working in health and care tech in 2021?
  • How are current gender norms being challenged and where should efforts be focussed in the future?
  • How do universities support female students and staff to develop ideas into spin-out companies?
  • What unique insights can women provide for the health and social care tech sector?
  • How can female frontline staff in health and care be encouraged to participate in enterprise activity?

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