Lauren Evans

Dr Lauren Evans graduated from Cardiff University in 2009 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Radiotherapy and Oncology and started her clinical career at Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff.  In April 2019, she was awarded a dual enterprise PhD from Cardiff University Schools of Healthcare Sciences and Engineering.  Her research has had significant and widespread practical application in the clinical setting and led to the publication of national evidence-based clinical guidelines, which are used for the clinical management of patients with cardiac implanted electronic devices receiving radiotherapy treatment.

In November 2019, she joined Rutherford Cancer Centres (a network of private, UK cancer treatment centres), as Head of Rutherford Innovations where she continued to add to her research and innovation portfolio. She is a senior specialist in healthcare research, innovation and management, with a proven record of demonstrating operational and strategic leadership.  She has successfully delivered research and innovation projects, funding applications, published high-quality academic and research papers and delivered education modules in a range of sectors.

Why I work for FCC:

I see this as an exciting opportunity to contribute to the research and innovation ecosystem at Future Care Capital and help to fulfil its mission to address the question of what a functioning, fit-for-purpose health and care system should look like and how we get there. I am passionate and committed to drive the research and innovation agenda at Future Care Capital to benefit all those in receipt of health and social care.