24 February 2022 – Care Tech: Sector Analysis

Past Event

24th February 2022, 16.00-17.00

Future Care Capital is exploring the technology which is being developed for the care sector, and specifically for home care, mental health, learning disabilities and residential care. When compared to the broad spectrum of availability and adoption in the health care sector, social care technologies are fewer, fragmented, less mature and, as a result, poorly understood.  But there is immense opportunity.

Throughout 2021, we published four tech landscape reviews covering each area in the sector. This vital research has clearly defined the different areas of care provision and describes the types of technology which are functionally deployed in them.  Within each branch of social care, we have mapped the developers and technology providers, describing the different technologies. This, alongside specific initiatives in other sectors, have demonstrated the importance of transforming a fragmented landscape into a growing ecosystem.

Our Care Tech Sector Analysis webinar builds on these reviews, bringing together all the key findings from the research, showcasing some of the innovative technologies being developed, and providing an opportunity to learn from a range of tech providers developing solutions.

What Topics will the event cover? What needs will the event meet?

At this webinar, we will present the findings from all four reports and our panel of leading experts will discuss the technology being developed within the sector and the reports’ recommendations. The event will cover:

  • Which technologies are being deployed for different care provision functions? Which are not, and why?
  • The key functions technologies are being developed for across the care sector.
  • Provide context about care technology before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, considering the impact COVID-19 has had on the sector.
  • The range of technologies deployed and how different forms of care have different user needs
  • The opportunities for developers, funders and practitioners to best make use of technology to improve care provision
  • An introduction to the leaders who are accelerating improvements in this area


  • Peter Bloomfield, Head of Policy and Research, Future Care Capital
  • Philip Bridges, Business Development Manager, Oysta Technology
  • Jacky Morton, Product Manager, Sentai
  • Suzanne Bourne, Co-Founder and Head of Carer Support, Mobilise

Join the webinar to hear from our expert panel and take part in the discussion through a live Q&A.

Oysta Technology is the headline sponsor for this event.