11-12 October 2023 – The King’s Fund: Digital Health and Care Congress

Past Event

11-12th October 2023 – The King’s Fund, London, W1G 0AN

Join us at the Digital Health and Care Congress 2023, where experts from The King’s Fund and the healthcare industry will explore the potential and hurdles of digital innovation in a stressed health and social care system. Discover how we can equip our healthcare system with the essential skills, leadership, and culture required to embrace and benefit from digital transformation.

Day one will focus on ensuring that ensuring patients and communities are at the heart of the design and delivery of digital solutions, with the view of improving care and tackling issues such as digital exclusion and health inequalities. Leaders will discuss the progress being made towards the co-design of digital systems, and what still needs to be done to ensure the positive effects of digital health care are felt by patients and populations.

Day two will focus on the health and care workforce and the reality of working towards digital transformation amid current pressures. We will explore how we can ensure health and care staff have the training and skills required to use digital technologies, and the digital solutions available to enable staff to improve ways of working and reduce workforce demand. Experts will discuss how we can prepare, support, and enable the workforce to continue to transform how digital technologies are used in health and care.


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