11 March 2021 – Enterprise in Health: Who are the Innovators?

Past Event

Enterprise in Health: Who are the Innovators? will build upon themes explored in a number of Future Care Capital publications examining the demand for health and care data for the purposes of research and innovation.

Future Care Capital’s Dr Josefine Magnusson will present the findings from new research about clinicians and academics working proximate to – or within – Russell Group universities who are involved in health enterprises. We will also examine what we can discern from publicly available information about the scope and scale of the health enterprises our research has identified, particularly within the context of the Government’s aim to capitalise upon the UK’s excellence in research.

Our panel of experts will discuss the most entrepreneurial academic disciplines and clinical specialties, explore what this might mean for our understanding of demand for healthcare data, and how broad-ranging stakeholders can work together to improve access to the support and investment needed to bring about a step-change in data collaborations to help grow the UK’s life science and health tech sectors.

What will you discover at the webinar?

  •       How many clinicians and academics are involved in companies in England?
  •       Are some universities or NHS Trusts more entrepreneurial than others?
  •       Which disciplines and specialties are involved with the most valuable companies?
  •       What are the implications for transparency over personal involvement of clinicians in companies?


  • Dr. Josefine Magnusson, Senior Research Officer, Future Care Capital
  • Dr. Claire Bloomfield, CEO, NCIMI
  • Catherine Pollard, Director of Centre for Improving Collaboration, NHSx

Find the on-demand link of the recording here.