20 October 2021 – Learning Disability Care: Tech and Transformation

Past Event

Wednesday 20th October 2021, 16:00-17:00

Future Care Capital is exploring the technology being developed for learning disability care.

Technology is performing an ever increasing role in the provision of health and care and improving the lives of many people and for those with learning disabilities it is helping to engage and connect with the world. There are unique opportunities and challenges for the learning disability technology sector and user led design and user experience (UX) are key to successful products and services.

In early October 2021 Future Care Capital publishes The Learning Disability Tech Landscape Review, the third installment in a series of technology reviews. This vital research clearly defines the different types of technology enabling learning disability care provision, map the sector’s developers and technology providers, and explore the associated functional applications.

Our Learning Disability Care: Tech and Transformation webinar will cover the key findings of this research, showcase some of the innovative technologies being developed, and provide an opportunity to learn from a range of tech providers developing solutions for improved learning disability care and outcomes.

What Topics will the event cover? What needs will the event meet?

At the Learning Disability Care Technology webinar we will present the findings from our latest research report “The Learning Disability Care Tech Landscape Review”, and our panel of leading experts will discuss the technology being developed within the sector and the report’s recommendations. The event will cover:

  • Which technologies are being deployed for different care provision functions?
  • The key functions technologies are being developed for learning disability care.
  • Provide context about learning disability care technology before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and consider the impact COVID-19 has had on the sector.
  • The range of technologies deployed for learning disability and how different forms of disability have different user needs
  • The opportunities for developers, funders and practitioners to best make use of technology to improve care provision


  • Dr Peter Bloomfield, Head of Policy and Research, Future Care Capital
  • Cristina Ruiz, Consultant, Newmarket Strategy
  • Tracey Richards, Assistive Technology Lead, Mencap
  • Luis Canto E Castro, Partnership Manager, CityMaaS

You can register for this free event now, here.