23 February 2021 – Social Care: Technology and Transformation

Past Event

Future Care Capital is exploring the technology which is being developed for home care provision. When compared to the broad spectrum of availability and adoption in the health care sector, social care technologies are fewer, fragmented, less mature and, as a result, less understood.  But there is immense opportunity.

In early 2021, we published the Care Tech Landscape Review.  This vital research will clearly define the different areas of social care provision and describe the types of technology which are functionally deployed in them.  Within each branch of social care, FCC will map the developers and technology providers, forming a taxonomy to describe the different technologies and functions in the operating network. This, alongside specific initiatives in other sectors, will demonstrate the importance of transforming a fragmented landscape into a growing ecosystem.

Our Social Care: Technology and Transformation webinar covered the key findings of this research and the opportunity to learn from a range of tech providers developing solutions for independent living and improved care at home.

What will you discover at the webinar?

  • What is the “tech stack” for home care?
  • Which technologies are deployed for different functions?
  • The key functions technologies are being developed for in home cares
  • What is a technology ecosystem and how can care tech benefit from a coordinated effort to develop one?
  • What opportunities are there for developers and innovators in the sector?
  • An introduction to the leaders who are accelerating improvements in this area

Don’t miss the chance to hear from:

  • Dr Peter Bloomfield, Head of Policy & Research, Future Care Capital
  • Greg Allen, CEO, Future Care Capital (Chair)
  • Sam Hussain, CEO/Founder, Log My Care
  • Nick Weston, Chief Commercial Officer, Kemuri
  • Philip Mundy, Founder, Pando