FCC’s response to COVID-19

6th April 2020 about a 3 minute read

The coronavirus outbreak has unleashed a public health emergency around the world that is impacting on all of us.

As Future Care Capital, we know that this outbreak has had an immediate and significant effect on our beneficiaries — those in receipt of care. We recognise that some individuals and groups will be less able to weather the coronavirus storm, particularly those who are already socially isolated and vulnerable and those who bear the responsibility of caring for others.

Our beneficiaries are our priority. In the face of this pandemic, FCC’s work to help create a health and care system that is fit for the future is more vital than ever.

As an independent charity, we bring a unique perspective to the provision of health and social care and we will continue to contribute positively and constructively during this challenging time.

Offering practical, innovative solutions

Our mission is to bring together policymakers and practitioners to improve outcomes for individuals. We will be working harder than ever to join up planners, commissioners as well as those on the frontline, albeit in a virtual context, as well as to offer practical and innovative solutions. We will be highlighting needs in social care in particular – the Cinderella service as compared to health and a sector facing multiple crises even before the virus hit our shores.

We will be drawing on our expertise in data and technology to challenge assumptions and advance practical solutions and we will be strengthening our focus on related FCC research into overcoming the challenges implied by scaling good practice, innovation, and investment in this new context.

Practically speaking, we have reorganised the way we work – the entire staff team is working from home and in late March our board of trustees held their quarterly meeting online for the first time. We are shifting our events too in this context.

Please get in touch

We are already in discussion with a host of organisations and individuals from across different sectors – from universities to charities, government to business. We are adapting and acting swiftly so that we can deploy our expertise and resources for maximum impact in this unprecedented situation.

Please get in touch if we can contribute to initiatives in the short, medium or long-term.

Our physical office in Victoria is closed for the time being, but we are very much still open for business. Please contact us through or via Twitter @FCC_UK. We would love to hear from you!