Getting public health communication right: lessons and reflections from the 1st wave

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9th November 2020 about a 1 minute read

Effective public health communication is essential in order to protect the public during the second wave of COVID-19. Our webinar offers you an opportunity to hear unique perspectives on the current challenges, and to reflect on lessons from the start of the pandemic and the first UK-wide lockdown.

In this online event, you will hear from a world-leading pollster as well as social media and public health communication experts about what works what needs to happen next. It builds on themes from recent research undertaken by Ipsos MORI on behalf of Future Care Capital.

Find out more about this study by watching our earlier webinar or downloading the Communicating Public Health reports.

Don’t miss the chance to learn lessons you can apply now and during the next coronavirus wave.

Join the webinar to hear from the expert panel and take part in the discussion through a live Q&A.

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