In the media: FCC’s Communicating Public Health study featured in WIRED

16th September 2020 about a 1 minute read

FCC’s Communicating Public Health research with Ipsos MORI has been featured in the online tech and culture magazine, WIRED.

Senior editor, Gian Volpicelli, writes:

“We all thought that “Stay Alert” was a bit meh when the government unveiled it in May. Now we have proof it was a rubbish slogan.

New figures show how the government’s catchphrase fared poorly online, with one in four social media posts (26 per cent) expressing bemusement. Google searches for “Stay Alert” were a blend of bafflement and ridicule: between the slogan’s unveiling and the end of June, “stay alert meme” and “stay alert meme generator” were featured three times among the top 13 queries in the UK, while “what does stay alert mean” made that list twice. That is quite a contrast with the slogan’s immediate predecessor “Stay at Home”, whose simplicity and efficacy were almost universally recognised (only three per cent of social media posts mentioning it expressed confusion).”

Read: “Stay Alert never made sense and now we’ve got the data to prove it