New crowdsourcing platform launched

9th May 2017 about a 2 minute read

Future Care Capital (FCC) has launched its online crowdsourcing platform to gauge the public’s view on health and care.

The launch of FCC’s crowdsourcing platform coincides with the publication of a set of questions about health and care data.

Data can improve health and care outcomes when you or your family give permission for it to be shared with and used by others. It can:

  • Help you to keep fit and manage any health conditions or care needs you might have;
  • inform research into particular diseases and the development of new treatments;
  • help you to look after your family and friends;
  • enable health and care professionals to design, provide and monitor high quality services in hospitals, homes and communities; and
  • provide an evidence base for policy makers responsible for health and care in Government.

FCC is keen to explore new approaches to health and care data management that are capable of addressing people’s concerns about privacy, security and the exploitation of data for financial gain, whilst maximising the scope for it to serve the ‘greater good’. The charity is, therefore, seeking to understand public attitudes toward the sharing and third-party use of health and care data in more depth.

We will publish a summary of the feedback we receive and aim to publish a companion report about the future of health and care data in the summer.
This is an opportunity for the public to share their views about health and care. FCC believes everyone’s voice should be heard when designing the future of such important services.