Care Labs

5th March 2020 about a 1 minute read

Care Labs is an initiative which will provide tools for collaboration on the future of care.

The approach we will be piloting and launching in the summer is designed to help communities self-organise and drive change from the ground up.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be working in a couple of local areas to enable communities to find new ways to solve the toughest challenges in care. We’ll also be following up on our session scheduled for the New Local Government Network’s Stronger Things conference which did not go ahead because of the coronavirus outbreak. And we are planning our own events too in the Autumn.

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This is a really exciting project. In partnership with the Social Change Agency, we'll be exploring how practitioners and engaged citizens could be more involved in shaping future health and social care. Unleashing community power needs to be at the heart of future care. Sue Wixley, FCC’s Marketing and Communications Director