Climate, Health and Care

3rd January 2022 about a 1 minute read

The quality of our environment has huge implications for our health and industrial process is a major driver of climate change. As technology advances, we need to be conscious of the impact it has on the environment and the consequences that has on our health. Future Care Capital is working with a range of partners to ensure the future of health and social care is developed to be NetZero and sustainable. 

FCC, working with The NHSX AI Lab, has recently launched research exploring the interactions between technology, climate and health. 

The first output was an article reviewing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve health outcomes, the climate impact of developing such solutions and the opportunities for using AI to improve the climate of healthcare systems. Read it in the Journal of Climate Change and Health Here. 

FCC hosted a panel discussion as a fringe event for COP26, read the write-up here and catch up on the session here. 

We will be doing more research and publishing more outputs throughout 2022. Please get in touch to get involved in this work.