A Community of Practice for social care analytics

24th November 2020 about a 2 minute read

Supported by The Health Foundation

We are delighted to lead the development of a Community of Practice for social care analytics supported by the Health Foundation.

Strengthening data analytics is at the heart of Future Care Capital’s charitable mission of improving health and social care. Better social care analytics will support better decision-making, service design and provision of adult social care – contributing, ultimately, to the improvement of social care.

This Community of Practice addresses an urgent need identified in work led by the Health Foundation and Future Care Capital for more effective data and analytics in social care to:

  • Improve the quality of care for cohorts of people that are experiencing the worst outcomes,
  • Build a safe and resilient workforce; and
  • Understand the lived experience of people needing social care.

Read about the background of the work here.

Who is the Community of Practice for?

The community brings together data analysts, researchers, policy-makers and other practitioners from across the private, public and charitable sector, as well as people with lived experience of social care with the aim of sharing ideas, building links and exchanging good practice.

Why join the Community of Practice?

By joining the community you will have the chance to:

  • be part of a network with others working in the field,
  • learn from other practitioners who face similar challenges in their day-to-day work,
  • understand the needs of people with lived experience of social care and how these may be best reflected and captured through analytics,
  • share experiences in an interactive online forum and at peer-led events, and
  • contribute to improving data analytics in social care.

Join our community of practice!

Sign up to join the community, here.


"I am excited to be leading the development of this Community of Practice for FCC. I want to encourage everyone involved in social care analytics to get involved. By joining this network, sharing ideas and learning from each other, we'll be able to build the all-important practice of social care analytics and, in turn, improve social care itself." Dr Josefine Magnusson, FCC's lead on the Community of Practice
"The pandemic has shown us just how crucial it is to have solid datasets and analysis – it can inform sound decisions on service provision and save lives. This Community of Practice will help to advance social care analytics by bringing together practitioners from different sectors to share good practice, exchange ideas and create links. I encourage everyone interested in this area to get involved." Adam Steventon, Director of Data Analytics at the Health Foundation