Strengthening social care analytics

A new joint project on data and analytics about social care

6th May 2020 about a 1 minute read

We’ve teamed up with the Health Foundation on a project to improve data analytics on social care during the pandemic and afterwards. We will be focused on:

  • Highlighting the importance of social care data;
  • Identifying the data assets that can be deployed immediately; and
  • Recommending what’s needed for a great data and analytics system in the longer term.

Read this blog ‘Strengthening social care analytics during the pandemic and beyond’ by Adam Steventon, Sarah Deeny and Ellen Coughlan.

Read this blog ‘Strengthening social care analytics in the wake of COVID-19: initial findings’ by Annemarie Naylor, Lydia Nicholas, and Adam Steventon.

This work has also led to the establishment of the Community of Practice for Social Care Analytics.