Mental Health Exemplar

6th July 2022 about a 2 minute read

The urgency for improved access to mental health care services is greater than ever. As facilitators, Future Care Capital are working to address this long overdue gap.

Demand for mental health services is rising at an unprecedented pace and, while emergent solutions are coming forward, the route to their adoption is complex, fragmented and uncertain.

We are building a collaborative stakeholder community to mitigate barriers to innovation development, product and service commissioning, effective implementation and evaluation to create improved access to evidenced-based innovations.

We are building relationships with stakeholders such as NHS and private providers, commissioners and user groups to develop better routes that improve access to care and support. Bringing together patients, providers and payers to develop commissioning tools that accelerate the adoption and implementation of digital solutions we shall measurably improve outcomes for people with hitherto unmet mental health needs.

As part of this ongoing area of work, we have already completed a number of landscape reviews, conducted research into service user needs including expectations and experience to date. We have also identified and evaluated over 300 digital mental health tools.

As we build stakeholder networks we offer NHS and insurer commissioners:

  • Substantial knowledge of the solutions on offer.
  • Service user insights.
  • Expertise to support effective and accelerated access.
  • Routes to de-risk implementation and generate capacity.
  • Evaluation of existing and new services.

For innovative providers we offer expertise and knowhow to:

  • Be ready for commissioning and development guidance.
  • Navigate the fragmented and complex routes to market.
  • Gathering evidence to strengthen appeal.

As a charity, we put meeting the needs of service users at the heart of what we do. We aim to enable access to mental health care to improve outcomes.

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